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Welcome to Angama Mara, a remarkable new owner-run safari lodge inspired by the Swahili word for ‘suspended in mid-air’. Located high above the floor of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, Angama Mara overlooks Kenya’s Maasai Mara, considered by many as the loveliest game reserve on the continent.

Here guests will find a lodge where everything is as it ought to be: two intimate camps of just fifteen tented suites each, a private airfield and access to the Mara below, tailor-made safari days and a famously warm Kenyan welcome.


Days are as action-packed or as gentle as guests choose them to be. The Mara Triangle is home to Africa’s great mammals, a mere 25 minute drive from the lodge, and guests can experience hot air ballooning, walking safaris, cultural visits to neighbouring Maasai villages – or simply do nothing at all.



Angama Mara offers tailor-made safari experiences with complete flexibility. Plan your perfect day on safari in the Maasai Mara.


Latest News

A World Away

23 August 2016

Meeting Samburu’s Famous Five Kenya’s diversity is astonishing, with landscapes that simply take your breath away: the vast savannah plains of the Mara, the flamingo colonies in the Great Rift Valley lakes, Laikipia’s imposing Mount Kenya and the lovely Indian Ocean coastline. A world away from the Mara, we flew to Kenya’s famed far north…

Maasai Games of the XXXI Olympiad

16 August 2016

Better known as ‘When the Aussies came a-spear throwing’ A dozen red-and-blue shuka-clad Maasai warriors stand side-by-side, with their ominously tapered spears stuck forcefully in the ground beside them, and their club-like rungus clenched in their fists. Taken out of context, this is an intimidating sight, and not that long ago would have been one…

The Story of a Little Clinic

10 August 2016

From Seattle to Vietnam to The Rift Valley When my nursing career started 7 years ago, never would I have believed that today I would be designing and building a clinic in rural Kenya. My love for nursing began at Seattle Children’s Hospital whilst working on the neurosurgery floor and it still holds a very…